I want to have them a masters.. ;)

I want to have them a masters.. ;)

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hetastuck-otaku asked: Who would u choose between me and grell?.........xD random


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astral-princess-123195-ygoz asked: Nita: Excuse me. I'm Nita. Who are you my good gentleman?

My name is Sebastian Michaelis my dear lady.

Female butler.. 

Female butler.. 

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lulu-chan23 asked: Are you sure? Woah Can't believe I always thought you hate me! *laughs* sooo what can you tell me?? I have always thought that you hate me *akwardly laughs*

*Caresses her face with his gloved hand* You’re such an innocent girl.  Why should I hate you?

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bessy-boo asked: Gahh, I never replied back to you like 6 or 7 days ago DX I'm so sorry!

Don’t sorry.. I know sometimes replies dely.. XD

i-framed-roger--rabbit asked: "Wait, w-why are you.?" She stared at his arm that was around her waist. "I don't feel comfortable like this." She pulled from his grip and stood in front of him.

"But I feel really comfortable.. specially smelling you after you’ve been with those angels.." He smiled. "It makes me want to eat you.."

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